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UAE business contacts lookyworld

Terms of Use

UAE business contacts lookyworld

1. Introduction:

Looky Portal, also referred to as lookyworld.com, is an online classified advertising platform that helps buyers and sellers connect with each another. Looky Portal allows sellers to list their products or services while buyers browse the advertisements and contact the sellers, either through seller contact details or via the platform.

2. Definitions/Meanings:

In this Terms of Use Agreement, the following words/expressions, for the purpose of this agreement, bear the meaning hereby assigned to them:

Looky Portal: Looky Portal, also known as lookyworld.com

Platform(s): The mobile apps, website, or any other online property that we use to offer various product (s) and service (s)

Product (s) and Service (s): Any product, service, technology, tool, content, or function that we offer to our users

User-posted material: Any content posted by the user. This includes, and is not limited to, descriptions, explanations, details, images, and videos

3. Terms of Use Agreement:

This Terms of Use Agreement is made between Looky Portal (“we”, “us”, “our”, “the Company”) and you (“you”, “your” or the “user”).

By using Looky Portal mobile applications or lookyworld.com, you confirm that you have read, understood, and accepted the Terms of Use and agree to comply with them. By accepting the Terms of Use, we, Looky Portal, agree to give you permission to use our platforms. If you do not accept and agree to all or part of these Terms of Use, you must immediately refrain from using the platform(s). These terms may be changed or updated from time to time at our sole discretion. Any updates to the terms of use will be forwarded/sent to the registered email address of every user; users are obliged to comply with them effectively from the date of receipt of the notification. All updates will also be published on the platform and it will be the user’s sole responsibility to understand, review, and comply with the same.


Looky Portal may provide translated versions of the Terms of Use in other languages; however, the English version will supersede any other versions.

The Terms of Use are stated below:

  1. The user hereby acknowledges that he/she is at least 18 years old and legally allowed to enter into this agreement, complete with the required trade licenses.
  2. While registering on Looky Portal, the user must provide factually correct information/details. These details must be current and accurate. If and when these details change, the user must update his/her registration details accordingly, as soon as possible.
  3. The user hereby agrees and acknowledges that the platforms will contain products and services that are advertised/posted by other companies or users and Looky Portal will not be responsible for the trustworthiness or veracity of the ads. Looky Portal will only connect the buyer with the seller and will not be legally responsible for the agreement or the deal that is made between the buyer and the seller. Looky Portal will not be liable for any loss in any manner or circumstance. The buyer is completely at his/her own risk when dealing with the seller. He/she is advised to thoroughly check and verify the accuracy or factual correctness of the advertised product(s).
  4. Looky Portal approves ads to be published based on several legal and ethical criteria. Looky Portal has the full right to modify any user-posted material (if it contains illegal, misleading, factually incorrect, or socially unacceptable image/ text content). Looky Portal reserves the right to delete or refuse to post any user material without consultation with, or approval from, the user and without any prior notice if the advertisement goes against the law and social/ethical customs and principles. Additionally, Looky Portal holds the right to change, without any prior notice, any advertisement’s category/subcategory in accordance with its categorisation scheme.
  5. Looky Portal reserves the right to suspend or block any user from using the platform and to delete any user’s account if the user is found to have breached any of the Terms of Use Agreements. If a suspension, blockage, or termination occurs, Looky Portal will notify the user through the registered email address. The user will not be allowed to re-register on the platform directly or indirectly.
  6. The user registration details will be stored in the Looky Portal server and will not be disclosed to any third party (other than what is stated in the privacy policy) unless it is requested by law/court or government agencies. These details of registration will not be used for any purposes other than to allow the user(s) smooth access to the platforms and provide a better user experience. In the case of special offers (such as price discounts, special launch prices, buy-and-get-free offers, etc.) by Looky Portal or any other third party for marketing purposes, the user authorizes Looky Portal to communicate the offer details to him/her. In the case of marketing emails, the user will be allowed to unsubscribe if he/she wishes to not receive such information.
  7. The user must not share his/her user account details with anyone, as part of Looky Portal’s security process.
  8. Looky Portal requests all users to report any fraud or suspicion of any fraud. Users can report fraudulent activity/post/offer or suspicion of fraud through the fraud/scam reporting features offered by Looky Portal to every user. Alternatively, users can directly report these matters via an email to (please add company email address here). Looky Portal will not be liable for fraud/misleading advertisements or issues related to the same. Users are encouraged to send their comments on sellers’ misleading posts as well as other users’ suspicious activities and lack of integrity/ethics.
  9. The user must not upload or post any material that is illegal, offensive, racist, insulting, threatening, harmful/potentially harmful to minors, indecent, pornographic, deceptive, and/or related to money laundering and gambling.
  10. The user will not be allowed to breach any applicable law, standard regulations, and legislation related to alcohol, animals, and weapons.
  11. The user must not upload any material that may damage Looky Portal’s reputation.
  12. The user must not upload any material that can cause damage/harm to the platform, slow down its functionality, or limit the available features.
  13. The user must not use any automated tools that automatically enable the use of the platform or allow the user to enter/upload multiple data/posts/products automatically. The platform is designed for manual login/use by humans and not using any automated tools.
  14. Regarding any post(s) by individuals or seller companies, Looky Portal is not liable for any consequential loss of business, profit, revenue, contract, opportunity, goodwill, cost saving or data, or any other indirect loss that may be attributed to any post/ad(s) by the user(s) or seller firm(s).
  15. Looky Portal cannot be held liable for the product or service quality, quantity, or any loss of money as a result of using the product or service if the user buys any product or service that was advertised or posted on Looky Portal.
  16. Looky Portal will take all the required measures to enable the platforms accessible to users most of the time and will use the necessary technology and tools to keep the platform virus-free. Nevertheless, Looky Portal will not be held responsible for the product or service quality, quantity, or any loss of money as a result of using the same. The product or service does not guarantee complete/24×7 accessibility, fool-proof security, or no occurrence of procedural errors on the platforms. Looky Portal will not be liable for any consequential loss thereof due to inaccessibility or security-related issues.
  17. The user must not post anything that harasses or intimidates any individual or group of individuals based on religion, ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, or age.
  18. The user must not post any information including the contact details of other individuals without their full and complete approval and acceptance.
  19. The user must not infringe any intellectual property rights of other parties or individuals. Looky Portal is not responsible and not liable for any infringement of any copyright and/or any other intellectual property rights, as a result of materials posted via Looky Portal. If you are an owner of intellectual property rights and believe that any content on Looky Portal infringes your intellectual property rights, you must submit a notification to Looky Portal and request to delete the relevant material.
  20. The user must not post any material that falls under the fraud/scam category including, but not limited to, Pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes, chain emails, bait marketing, and negative option marketing.
  21. Looky Portal has the right to use your content, as and when required, in many different ways, which may include publicly displaying it, reformatting it, incorporating it into advertisements and other works, creating derivative works from it, promoting and distributing it, and giving permission to others to do the same with regard to their own websites and other media platforms. You hereby irrevocably grant Looky Portal worldwide, perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty-free, assignable, sublicensable, and transferable rights to use your content for the purposes mentioned above. You also irrevocably grant the users and any other media the right to have access to your content in connection with their use of the service and any other media. Finally, you irrevocably waive and cause to be waived, against Looky Portal and its users any claims and assertions of moral rights or attribution regarding your content. By “use” we mean use, copy, publicly perform and display, modify, translate, remove, analyse, reproduce, distribute, commercialise, and prepare derivative works of your content.
  22. Looky Portal and its licensees may publicly display advertisements, paid content, and other information associated with your content. You will not be given any compensation for such advertisements. The manner, mode, and extent of such advertising are subject to change, and you will not be given specific notice about the same.

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UAE business contacts lookyworld
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