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UAE business contacts lookyworld

Privacy Policy

UAE business contacts lookyworld
Carefully read the Looky Portal privacy policy before using Looky Portal. The Privacy Policy gives you all the necessary details about how Looky Portal collects, stores, uses, and shares your (users’) personal information.


The definitions of the keywords/expressions used in this Privacy Policy document are listed below: Looky Portal: The Looky Portal, also known as lookyworld.com Platform(s): Mobile applications, the website, or any other online property that we use to provide various product(s) and services Product(s) and Service(s): any product, service, tool, function, technology, or content that we offer to Looky Portal users User-posted material: Any content posted by the Looky Portal user. This includes, and is not limited to ads, descriptions, explanations, details, and images

Privacy Policy Agreement

By using Looky Portal mobile applications or lookyworld.com, you give clear consent to Looky Portal to collect, disclose, use, and store your personal information as stated in this Privacy Policy and our *Terms of Use. If you do not accept or agree to this privacy or part of it, or the Terms of Use or part of it, you must immediately refrain from using Looky Portal. This Privacy Policy may be amended or updated from time to time at our sole discretion. Any new updates will be forwarded/sent to your (users) registered email address and will be updated on Looky Portal as well. It’s your sole responsibility to regularly review and understand the Privacy Policy.

The Data Collected by Us

When you first register in order to log into the platform, you will be required to provide your basic personal information for the verification of your identity. This basic information includes but is not limited to name, phone numbers, email address, and location. If you do not provide this information, you will not have access to the products and services on Looky Portal. When you begin using Looky Portal, we automatically collect the necessary information that includes but is not limited to device information, location, clicks stream data, cookies, and any data captured by relevant digital technologies.

Sharing Your Personal Information

The information you have shared with Looky Portal and other information that is automatically collected may be processed according to this Privacy Policy. Your personal information may be shared with the following:
  1. Other third parties that are associated with operating the platform, like the server cloud and webhost.
  2. Other third parties that help us deliver the products and services to you, like marketing email service providers.
  3. Other third parties that are approved by you when you opted to log in using third-party credentials, like Google and Apple or other social media apps such as Instagram.
Your personal information is processed only for specific purposes related to accessing and using Looky Portal and based on our instruction to, and agreement with, various third parties. Third parties are not allowed to process your personal information for any other uses, apart from those related to the access and use of Looky Portal for the purpose of searching/buying/selling. Additionally, we may disclose your personal information to a legal authority if it is required by the law/court.

For the Purpose of Information Processing

Processing Information about you will enable Looky Portal to provide you with easy access to certain sections of the platform and make sure you get the best service and customer experience. This processed information will allow Looky Portal to notify you of special offers and provide you with other products or services that may be of interest to you based on your profile and past interests. Looky Portal may also use your data to communicate with you in order to receive feedback about Looky Portal and the services it offers and to communicate to you any changes in the platform’s content, design, and scope of products/services.

How We Process Your Information

Different methods are used to process the information collected from you. Looky Portal uses cookies to collect your information and process it. We have pixels installed on Looky Portal, which help track users who visit our platform. This helps us give you a user-defined experience with our products and services. Once you visit our platform, Looky Portal uses analytics from third-party websites to suggest products and services, depending on your interests and behaviour. After data processing, Looky Portal gives each user a customised experience. Third parties are not allowed to process your personal information for any kind of use other than those related to gaining access to Looky Portal.

How Users Can Request Data Deletion

Information collected by Looky Portal is used to improve your experience with us while you use our platform. However, individual users have the right to ask for the deletion of their data if the purpose of the data that is collected has been violated or if they believe that their data has been tampered with. Users can state their concerns, highlight the type of data to be deleted by Looky Portal, and give reasons as to why the data should be removed. Users can email us at Sayhello@demowesbites.com (for Looky Users) and business@demowesbites.com (for Business Owners) if they require their data to be removed under Data Protection Law.


You may get a notification on your computer, smartphone, or tablet when you access Looky Portal, asking for your permission to use cookies as a means to personalise user engagement with Looky Portal and provide you with better and more relevant services. Users may decline cookies If they wish to.


We have taken all possible measures to ensure your personal information is protected under Looky Portal’s control from any unauthorised access to your account or any accidental loss. We have set up advanced tools and procedures to prevent data breaches. However, it is your sole responsibility to make sure your credentials are kept confidential. If you have any suspicion of a data breach or unauthorised access to your account, please contact Looky Portal immediately.

Policy Update

Looky Portal reserves the right to amend or update this policy without any prior notice. A notification will be sent to your registered email regarding any amendments or updates and the changes will be effective from the date of sending the notification. The amended/updated policy will also be available on the platform. It is your sole responsibility to review and understand this Privacy Policy from time to time.


For further clarification on Looky Portal Privacy Policy or how we process your personal information, please send your questions and concerns to the email: (add company email address here)
*Terms of Use document can be found under the Terms of Use page

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UAE business contacts lookyworld
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