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How Does Your Target Market Choose Where They Go To Get Their Services?

As a business owner, you may have started out with all these goals and aspirations you looked out to fulfil with your small business. Throughout your journey, you may have come across hundreds of unsolicited advice, ideas, constructive criticisms and so on. While some of these pitches or advice may have some crux to what it means to your business, some can be outright rude and can possibly bring harm to your business.

Nobody denies the fact that they aren’t important, they are. Crucial.

Research and statistics provided by the search engine site, Google calls reviews as one the main ways to increase your visibility online.

Online reviews are a way to organically grow your business and learn insights about what you can improve in your business. Just like how word-of-mouth works, reviews online including on LookyWorld encourage customer to business interactions and it can have a direct impact on your future earnings, potential customers and the overall growth of your business.

However, it get’s tricky while dealing with comments that are not necessarily positive and may even have a negative impact on your business. So let’s lay down the fool-proof plan to deal with online criticisms and ensure your business’s online health :

  1. ASAP, chop chop:

When it comes to negative reviews, it is best to respond as soon as possible. The customer most probably is expecting a reply or an explanation. The further you delay that initial response, the possibility of losing a client and prospective future clients is higher.

  1. Keep it honest and appropriate:

Nobody is perfect, and everyone is secretly aware of this fact. It is just human to make mistakes. So be honest and upfront, and customers appreciate a response that is heartfelt.Transparency goes a long way.

  1. Custom create your response for each 

In today’s world, we are highly dependent on man-made structures and systems. It is natural to have fall-outs or outages that can disrupt your business activities. For crisis control, we often see that companies create a single response to all queries related to the same issue. While it may not be possible to get to the depth of each and every issue, try to create a different response for each customer’s complaint or suggestions.  It makes them seen and their input valuable.


It so happens that once in a while you may encounter a rude customer, who for whatever reason decides to get personal and starts poking at you or your employees or even the business you run. While it may be difficult, even infuriating, try to stay calm. The Internet has seen way too many feuds, your business doesn’t need to be one.

  1. Be thankful for their input:

Most times customers do not want to be bothered with concerns regarding the establishments they visit. So a customer offering you their personal opinion must be highly appreciated. Send a token of thanks or offer discounts on their favourite products or services. Small gestures go a long way.

  1. Continue to grow your online reputation:

Comments and reviews may work in your favour or against it. The only sure way to keep on top of all reviews is to monitor your digital presence. By doing so, you’ll be able to use all of the rules for dealing with reviews and ensuring your company is set to thrive online and beyond.

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Sandhra Sam, a textbook example of a third-culture kid, was raised in Dubai and is frequently seen wandering Bengaluru’s streets or cuddling up with a movie if she isn’t deep in reading. Sandhra has been writing since the construction of Burj Khalifa began in ’04. Curating recipes, indulging in poor jokes and most of all, having a good time is what she’s known for. You can also find her amidst a heated discussion about current politics, human rights and international relations. Oh and also she works as a Business Journalist on the side.

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