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Building your business in ’23 with LookyWorld

How can you achieve your business goals this year with the help of LookyWorld.com?

Here’s to welcoming a new year, which means new possibilities and opportunities have opened up. And undoubtedly, you have saved a few tricks up your sleeve to take your business to new heights in ‘23. But how do you ensure it reaches your target audience, or if the idea you have decided is original, or even if it is a strategy effective to counter your competition?

In this age of targeted marketing and the necessity to maintain an online presence has added quite a lot to your plate, which leads us to the question, what should you do to make sure your business can actuate the said plan for the upcoming year?

Okay, enough with the build up, you get the gist of where I am going with this. Running a business is tough already with budgeting, licences and other legalities. Allow us to take this burden off your shoulders. LookyWorld’s very raison d’etre is to make life easier for consumers and businesses alike, so both sides get what they are looking for. In this case, reaching as many target consumers who are looking for you.

The age of marketing has gone through a roller coaster of changes in the past few years, and it has changed so much considerably in the last months of 2022. LookyWorld’s personalised page for your business is fully customizable to bring out what your business provides, what values it signifies in today’s world, the brand aura, your store locations, timings, reservation facilities and every tiny piece of information relevant to your customers, existing and possible.

Now, genuine concern that follows would be how can an overload of information help consumers? In a highly dynamic market, your customers are on the outlook for real-time updates to see how well your business is faring. There may have been instances in the past where you solely relied on half-written information on their official site, only to find the store has relocated miles away from where you are. To avoid situations like that, it is best to adjust your business operations like adjusting your hours, temporarily closing, or altering the items and services you provide. With LookyWorld’s assistance, these arduous tasks can be done in a jiffy.

LookyWorld’s services are designed specifically for each businesses’ needs, and to accurately curate services that can help your business easily streamline your operations. Think about how your restaurant’s reservations would be made easy, your salon appointments all in one place and how the following payments and feedback system can be integrated all in under one umbrella, making it so much easier to target the right customers and ensure they have all these additional services made easy. This not only maximises your business’s productivity, but helps customers to track back to one spot for all their needs.

After all the convincing you’ve heard from me, I’m sure you are at least a little bit curious on how this is gonna go about. LookyWorld offers three versatile packages at competitive prices.

Starting off with Entice, as the name suggests its all about bringing in customers with a hook to grab on. This initial interest built in your business is sure to turn into probable transactions. The Entice package is equipped with features highlighting your business, action buttons with respect to the specific business or sector your focus is in, option to hide competitors and a slideshow to show your customers what your unique business is all about. The pricing starts at a minimal AED 200 per month, but if you choose to subscribe for a year, huge discounts are on your way.

If you choose to start out on the Entice package for a couple of months, and now would like to take a leap into something more, check out our Explore package. You are able to hide competitors from promoting their services on your page and instead you get to promote your page as a featured Looky business and as promised, our competitive price for this package starts at AED 500.

And we’ve saved the best for the last, the Experience package. With this, you’ll experience all of LookyWorld’s services and access to all benefits that can be modified to cater to your business’s needs. The Experience package includes your own personalised reservations platform that will make taking bookings a lot more simplified. The pricing starts at AED 1000, and it is sure to be make for a great investment for your business.

Creating an online presence while managing a business can be tough. In an age of targeted marketing and SEO tools, for someone who looks at running a business from merely a fiscal point of view, it can be quite the challenge. If you have decided 2023 to be your year, or rather a year for your business to reach a new potential, LookyWorld’s services are a gateway to make that possible. So leave the challenge to the experts and let us take care of making sure your business is being seen by the right eyes.

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About the Author

Sandhra Sam, a textbook example of a third-culture kid, was raised in Dubai and is frequently seen wandering Bengaluru’s streets or cuddling up with a movie if she isn’t deep in reading. Sandhra has been writing since the construction of Burj Khalifa began in ’04. Curating recipes, indulging in poor jokes and most of all, having a good time is what she’s known for. You can also find her amidst a heated discussion about current politics, human rights and international relations. Oh and also she works as a Business Journalist on the side.

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